Our role in Grand Designs’ biggest project

article by: A1 Fire Protection at: 02 November 2015 under:

We were very excited recently when our work featured on the new series of Grand Designs on Channel 4 at a property in West Sussex.

It is a first for us to be associated with a new-build project which not only features on television but gains publicity in the news because it was the show’s biggest ever house.

The luxury property was the vision of Clinton Dall, managing director of Dall Cleaning Services, and the sheer scale of the project stunned presenter Kevin McCloud.

One news outlet said the living room alone was big enough to accommodate four fire engines!

Naturally, we hope he never needs a fire engine to come to his property, but to meet planning regulations he did need equipment that we could provide.

We supplied and installed a number of products including a fire alarm system, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.

Fire protection systems are not something you would normally notice in a building, other than perhaps signage in a restaurant, theatre, residential property or commercial offices and factories. However, they are a necessary part of regulations in domestic and commercial properties.

While much of our work centres on commercial property – including offices and residential spaces – the Grand Designs project does highlight that we serve individual domestic properties, too.

Our motto is Protecting Life and Property. We have 40 years’ experience advising customers of their legal obligations and on the type of fire protection equipment they need, then supplying and installing products, as well as monitoring them under a maintenance agreement. While we are based in Sussex, our prime areas of business cover Surrey, Kent, Hampshire, Berkshire, Middlesex and London as well.

So whatever your fire protection needs, call us on 01293 560987, email us at contact@a1fireprotection.co.uk or leave a message via our contact us page.