Fire is a serious hazard to life and property in any environment. It is essential therefore that all premises are provided with appropriate fire safety precautions, training and equipment. All personnel using any facility must be made thoroughly aware of the importance of fire safety measure and take part in regular drills and training to ensure they understand their responsibilities, not only for themselves, but also for the safety of others. People themselves are the most common cause of fire through arson, carelessness, ignorance or thoughtlessness resulting in major hazards to life and limb, not only to themselves but others as well.

Fire Safety Training

A1 Fire Protection Ltd understands that running a business and at the same time trying to comply with legislation at the same time can be a difficult task but we can provide regular and bespoke courses to meet the needs of your organisation.

Our Fire Safety Training courses are interactive and enjoyable. All of our courses comply with current fire safety legislation requirements and help employers fulfil their obligations under the regulatory reform (fire Safety) Order 2005.

Fire safety training is a requirement for every organisation in order to protect their employees, visitors, contractors and members of the public and to ensure the safety of the workplace.

It is a legal requirement that all staff receives training on induction or transfer to other premises. Fire training should be carried out at regular intervals thereafter.

Employees must be trained and competent in fire prevention measures and the procedures to be followed in case of a fire. All employees should also receive training in the emergency procedures and undertake regular fire drills. The training should take account of the findings of the FRA it should include the role that employees need to take in the event of a fire, in larger premises, some employees are appointed as fire marshalls.

Fire Awareness Training

This is a certified course that provides all round knowledge of what to do in the event of a fire. It is designed to give personnel adequate knowledge and to help employers meet the required legislation regarding staff fire training.

This course is suitable for all personnel, other than those designated as Fire Wardens, who should undertake a more in depth training course in fire safety.

This course can be carried out on site or via our E Learning packages.

Topics covered by this course are as follows:
     Fire Legislation
     Fire Prevention and Protection in your Building
     Chemistry of Fire
     Means of Escape
     Evacuation Procedures (including compartmentation)
     Progressive Horizontal Evacuation
     Fire Extinguishers

Fire Warden / Refresher Training

This is a certified course that provides a clear understanding of the responsibilities, duties and role of a Fire Warden. Enabling staff to supervise a swift and safe evacuation of the building and also able to recognise fire hazards in the work place and be aware of the procedures to take in order to rectify those hazards.

This course can be carried out on site or via our E Learning packages.

Topics covered by this course are as follows:
     Role of the Fire Warden
     Fire Legislation, Regulatory Reform (fire safety) 2005
     Nature of Fire ( refresher)
     Fire Hazard Awareness
     Evacuation Procedures
     Progressive Horizontal evacuation
     Planning for a Fire Drill
     Reporting Workplace Hazards
     Extinguisher Awareness


The cost for the above course is dependent on your requirements as we like to tailor make our courses to your needs.

Fire Evacuation Drill Training

A fire drill can be often viewed as an inconvenience during the day or can be perceived as a break from the desk. In the event of a fire all staff and personnel should have adequate fire training and fire evacuation training at least at six monthly intervals or as determined by your fire risk assessment.

Our Consultant will review your Fire Evacuation Plan. Before the drill he will brief and then debrief and we will also send out a written report.

The Objectives:
     Identify any weakness in the evacuation strategy:
     Test the procedure following any recent alteration or changes to the working practices.
     Familiarise new members of staff with procedures and test the arrangements for disabled people.
     Keep an eye on any inappropriate behaviour.
     Observe any difficulties experienced by staff.
     Pay attention to chosen escape routes, exits being blocked etc.
     Listen carefully to the role call and ensure everyone is accountable for.

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